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Being a PE teacher, and an elementary teacher at that, 45mins is not much time to incorporate IT into an active lesson. As I mentioned at the start of the course, I am aiming for ways to include IT to improve my teaching without giving pupils any screen time and remain active for a full 45mins. Having an online community of PE teachers has been a massive gain from the course. In the past on courses similar to this they have been aimed at classroom teachers. I hope not to be misunderstood, I am no technophobe. I am always amazed with the possibilities web technology offers for pupils in the classroom. Being a PE teacher, we are often not considered in discussions or assessments. With ED601 I have been able to tailor my learning towards a physical atmosphere and join a web community open and excited about the possibilities of current technologies available to us.  I rarely go into a class now without my iPhone or iPad to hand. I don’t always get them out, but I use the numerous video and sound recording apps to capture evidence of learning and footage of skill application. I am able to instantly edit and share with staff, pupils and parents on the web. This may seem a simple process to a classroom teacher, but for me it is extremely valuable to save time, have something to show pupils and parents and improve the worth of Physical Education.

The use of the screencast has had a great impact on the department I work in. Anything I discover that could assist us I can share quickly, easily and can be used again when needed. Us PE crowd like to have visual aides rather than written explanations.

I would never have made a podcast before. However when forced to for assessment I decided to keep it to our departments team goal, self-assessment. Making the change from high school to elementary PE has been a steep learning curve. One of the most noticeable changes is kid’s come running and skipping to and from my classes, claiming they love PE. I have heard from Eugene (kindergarten teacher) numerous times his class do not stop talking about loving PE and me… but how much are they learning? With high school its easy to ask and they for the most part recall their learning with ease, “I know to throw a ball accurately I need to follow though with my arm in the direction I wish the ball to go”. In the department it can be easy to jog along thinking our kids are retaining every thing, as they are so enthusiastic about all activities you can offer. We listened to my podcast with Eugene’s kindergarten class, interviewing them about what they have learnt in PE so far… A bit of an eye opener!

Probably one of the most resistant and wary in the class about how technology can be used to improve teaching, EDC601 has made me much more open to the possibilities available. Most importantly provided me with a worldwide network of teachers in the same situation discovering brilliant new apps to assist and improve Physical Education.


I collegue passed this link on to me. Has some great ideas for younger years swim teaching.

Dream PE space

Free Running was a craze exploding in the UK just before I left. I had a Yr9 group of very unenthusiastic girls I was attempting to teach gymnastics to. I decided to ditch the traditional “creating routines” scheme of work. Instead I focused on travel, landing, supporting bodyweight, and fluidity of movement. By the end every bit of equipment that was available to me was out in the gym and pupils were flying around the gym like spiderman. This place would have had them more active than they had ever been in their lifetime!

If you need some body weight exercises while your at the park…

WARNING – soundtracks are gangster and contain swearing!

Collegues have given me this link. It looks amazing, could it be the answer to my struggle in the running world?

Despite being a PE teacher I have always struggled with running. The idea of it, I love. The feeling I get when I manage to force myself to do it and return home, I love. The fact that it costs nothing, I love. However running without a ball to chase, I can not do! I get out the front door with every intention of going on a nice long run, I get to the bottom of the street, my ankles crunch like tin cans from years of repeated rips and tears playing defence in the netball circle, I get the normal pain from breathing heavily and without anything to catch or chase the inner thoughts start… “what is the point, this hurts, I am not a runner, and just walk or go home!”

I read this book by Chris McDougall, it is a great read! It made me almost go out and buy those funny finger feet trainers… I didn’t go that far, but I do only wear Nike Free run soles now, I have not had an ankle problem since (touch wood). I was a runner for two whole weeks! As inspiring as the book is, I no longer need to chase my prey to the point of exhaustion. And even if I wanted to a vulnerable injured buffalo is hard to find in the Fort.

Where I have come from

I am now teaching ES PE at ISM, and after a shaky initial two weeks I am loving it. My previous experience has been in the state school system in West London. I taught at Longford Community School for three years. The kids were great once you had their trust, although getting 40 hormonal teenage girls changed, and out into a cold, wet, english winter day was a constant battle field… If that battle was won there was the war of keeping them engaged for a whole 70mins!


Teaching here at ISM in the Elementary School means I have to flip all my strategies on their head… The kids run to their lesson, hang on my words (most of the time), and beg for more when the lesson is over! Luckily there is a never-ending magical store cupboard that most PE teachers only dream about! The possibilities are endless.


Technology in Sport has always interested me. Yet when teaching Physical Education I very rarely use any technology! I am hoping this course will provide ideas to incorperate the use of IT to improve my teaching. I by no means wish to start having pupils useing computers within my lessons or at home. This will be the challenge, how can IT be used to get pupils more active?